Thursday, September 12, 2013

Top 10 Disney Movies

Originally Posted: 3 March 2013

This weeks Top 10 list is definitely one of the most important lists to me, it holds a lot of nostalgia, and pretty much defines my childhood. Definitely a list that is important to share with the future generations. All of the honourably mentions are very good as well, but these were definitely my top 10.

10.) The Rescuers
I am also including The Rescuers Down Under in this.A movie about two mice and their friends who rescue children? Who wouldn't enjoy that kind of movie? I think that movies about mice are always funny/interesting because they normally involve making functioning objects out of tiny(to us) household items, such as the sardine can in the photo on the left. They really are both fantastic children's films, full of adventure, mystery and suspense. 

9.) Tarzan
Tarzan has an awesome soundtrack thanks to Phil Collins, all of the songs are great, but also songs that kids would love. I love the scenes with him as a kid with his friends finding adventure and danger at every turn, but it definitely picks up the best when Jane and her professor father show up and try and change everything, but in the end they find their way to being the good guys. I guess deep down its sort of a story about accepting people who are different, and not trying to force someone to be who they aren't. Also, sliding down trees with your bare feet always ends ok.

8.) Hercules
I love that there is a Disney movie about ancient Greece. Such a cool and original premise for a Disney movie, there really isn't anything else like it. This movie is actually pretty funny, with lots of quirky, funny and rather bizzar characters.  Between Zeus, Hades, and all of the other Gods it is a seriously good time. The three witches who share one eyeball? amazing. Its not so creepy that its scary, but it really shows the difference between good and evil, but even Hades isn't a hateable character for some reason, maybe its just because he's not scary enough. Watch this movie.

7.) Aladdin
I absolutely adored this film as a child, and has a great message, where you were born, or how much money or power you have doesn't define the kind of person you are, or how "important" of a person you are. Its your character, and Aladdin sure has a lot of it. This movie is actually pretty hilarious, mostly because of the Genie(thanks Robin Williams!), but also a pretty thrilling adventure from beginning to end. There were a couple of other movies after this including "Aladdin and the King of Thieves" which I also super enjoyed. I feel like this one had a very different setting the most other disney films which made it quite interesting and allowed it to have the extra enchantment about it I think. Lots of literal magic in this one which is always fun!

6.) Up
Definitely the saddest Disney movie ever, but also one of the most impressive. Such a sweet movie, they were able to tell one of the most heart-warming/breaking love stories of all time, without speaking, in the first 10 minutes of the film. The animation is really beautiful in this one. A great adventure story, lots of fun, but also a great message. If you have not yet seen this movie, do it immediately. I think even more adults like this film the kids!

5.) Toy Story Trilogy
Pretty sure these movie are every kids dream. Your toys coming to life? Come on! How amazing would that be? The first one was always one of my personal favorites, the second not so much, but the 3rd came out the year in my first year of university, so perfect timing for me and it totally broke my heart! I felt like the worst person on earth for leaving all of my toys behind haha. This movie has my favorite disney song of all time "You've Got a Friend in Me", which I absolutely love. These are stories about adventure, change, and above all, friendship. I dare you to watch Toy Story 3 without crying.

4.) Pocahontas
I think this movie probably would not break the top 5 on most people's Disney movie list, but I adore it. The animation in this one is just beautiful, the "Colours of the Wind" scene is just gorgeous with all of the colours. It also has an incredibly important message of the lack of respect that the Native peoples of North America received  but also the lack of respect the earth receives. I got it for Christmas this year, so my 19 year old brother and I watched it because he couldn't remember what happened, and surprise, surprise he LOVED it. How could you not really?
3.) The Little Mermaid
Great story of adventure and love. Although Ariel is clearly naive, she isn't afraid to fight for what she wants, whether that is exploring, or chasing the love of her life. Like most of my favorites on this list, The Little Mermaid is nothing without its up-beat, fun, and hilarious soundtrack. It has some very interesting and great characters, along with one of my favorite movie villans, Ursula. Plus, this movie has my favorite Disney Prince, Prince Eric. Dayyuummm.

2.) Beauty and the Beast
A great love story about loving whats on the inside, not the outside. Such a sweet, hilarious story with wonderfully fun musical scenes that just make you want to get up and dance and sing along. Great story that shows the jerk doesn't always win the girl, and that anyone, even a small town girl who doesn't fit in, can find somewhere perfect for her where she, herself can be accepted.  Belle is definitely my favorite Disney Princess, and I think its pretty clear why. She's a strong independent woman, not afraid to let her brain show, a great example to and young girl. 

1. The Lion KingI don't know if anyone can deny the fact that this is the greatest Disney movie ever. The heartbreaking story, the amazing musical numbers, the funny characters. I mean, come on, nothing can beat this. Its a great story about growing up, and accepting the responsibilities life gives you. There is all kinds of intense drama in this movie as well, people of all ages love it, I can't wait to share it with my future children! Probably my favorite movie soundtrack ever (thanks Elton John!)

Honourable Mentions: The Hunchback of Notre Dame, Fox and the Hound, The Jungle Book,  A Bugs Life, Cinderella, The Sword in the Stone, The Aristocats, Dinosaurs, Peter Pan, 101 Dalmatians, Bambi, Sleeping Beauty, Dumbo, Pinocchio, WALL-E, Monsters, Inc, Finding Nemo. Ratatouille, Snow White, Robin Hood, Mulan, , A Goofy Movie, Alice In Wonderland. Mighty Ducks, Oliver & Company.

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