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Top 10 Non-Cartoon Kids Movies

13 June 2013

So its been more then a month since posting anything, but for me summer has come and I'm working full time. However, I got a new position this week that leave me more time on the computer so you'll probably and hopefully see more of me from now on. Most of these films I'd say are more directed towards 7-12 year olds. I'd say maybe Labyrinth, Space Jam and Matilda might be an exception for those. Its not that the rest aren't appropriate for them, but more that they might not like them as much. All of them are fantastic films but for this one I went 100% with my own personal experience and preference. Please enjoy this weeks list, Top 10 Non-Cartoon Kids Movies.

10.) The Muppets Treasure Island
I've never had a huge connection with The Muppets, but I thought a lot of people who feel this list would be unacceptable without it. I've only seen this film once or twice many, many years ago, but I remember it being enjoyable. I'm sort of using this to include all Muppets movies. Muppets A Christmas Carol is equally enjoyable. Every kid needs to know who the Muppets are, life just isn't the same without Kermit the Frog!

9.) The Princess Bride
"Inconceivable!" Such a fantastic movie! So many memorable moments, and quotable scenes. A great love story, thats equally hilarious with a fantastic cast. Robin Wright plays The Princess Bride,  who is currently engaged to Prince Humperdink, but is kidnapped  and held against her will in order to start a war. Cary Elwes plays Westley, her childhood sweetheart, who has returned as  Dread Pirate Roberts and must save The Princess Bride. Her kidnappers are a group of very interesting characters including Vizzini played by Wallace Shawn and Fezzik played by AndrĂ© the Giant. Of course there is also Inigo Montoya who is played by Mandy Patinkin, who is a young man who is seeking revenge from the six fingered man who killed his father years before. Rob Reiner directed this movie, and it is just so hilarious and sweet. The film is number 194 on the IMDB Top 250 films, and was nominated for an Oscar for best original song. My favorite quote is "My name is Inigo Montoya, you killed my father, prepare to die."

8.) Space Jam
Space Jam is an important one to my childhood, I mean, Michael Jordan and Bugs Bunny in one movie together? In this one The Looney Tunes meet up with what start out to be tiny aliens who are interested in bringing Michael Jordan back to their planet as part of a way to make money for their theme park. Bugs Bunny challenges them to a Basket Ball game with the prize being Michael Jordan. The aliens accept, but then find a way to take the height and skill from some NBA basketball players. In order to keep his freedom Michael Jordan is forced to teach the Looney Tunes how to play Basketball. Great movie, super funny, and overall enjoyable. Also, Bill freakin Murray has a cameo in there. Fantastic.

7.) Jumanji
I've always adored this movie. Robin Williams is just golden in kids movies, his over-the-top personality is perfect. Williams plays Alan Parish, a child who mysteriously vanishes after playing a unique board game, Jumanji, that he finds on his way home from his fathers factory. Decades later two young children move into the same house, and find the same board game in their attic. They also decide to play and a serious of crazy, an exciting events occur changing all of their lives forever. Besides Robin Williams, the cast also includes Bonnie HuntKirsten DunstDavid Alan Grier and Bradley Pierce. Super thrilling movie, and I can't think of a single child who would not enjoy this film!

6.) A Little Princess
This is an incredibly sad movie but I absolutely love it. Dispite the sadness, it is incredibly uplifting, and really focuses on the importance of creativity and imagination in children. It follows a young girl, Sara, who is living in India with her father but when World War I breaks out he brings her to New York to attend the boarding school that her late mother attended when she was a child. Her first few months at the school were fairly rocky with the headmistress Miss Minchin, who was attempting stomp out her creativity and her belief that every little girl is a princess. Sara also befriends a young black girl who is working as a servant and living in the attic. Her life changes dramatically when her father goes missing in action, and is presumed dead. Honestly, just watch this movie. I don't think it'll peak the interest of children under 7 or 8 very much, but you never know. Really beautiful movie.

5.) Mighty Morphin Power Rangers: The Movie
I absolutely adored the Power Rangers as a child. I don't even know how many times I've seen this film. Perfect balance between action, fighting, story-line, and heart. I probably would've given anything for the chance to be a Power Ranger as a child. Ivan Ooze plays a fantastic villain who manages to brainwash all of the parents in Angel Grove leaving the children and the 6 rangers to save the day. I really liked this one because so much was left the the kids in the town to save their parents. Love this movie, I'll probably watch it another dozen times in my life for sure. 

4.) Matilda
This is probably one of the sweetest movies I've ever seen. Matilda is a young girl who happens to be a genius, and possibly has some magical abilities  which is good because her family is basically the worst family in history. She teaches herself to read and take care of herself and eventually goes to school where she meets some great people, and befriends her teacher, Miss Honey. Unfortunately she is unable to escape terrible people as her principle, Trunchbull, is the most terrifying woman of all time. Despite the fact that this description sounds sad, its actually a super upbeat, fun, and hilarious. Great movie for kids of all ages! Danny DeVitoRhea PerlmanEmbeth Davidtz, Mara Wilson, and Paul Reubens make appearances in it.

3.) The NeverEnding Story
There are three of these movies, but the first is by far the best. They made the timeless mistake of recasting the main characters in both of sequels. Super uncool especially since in the first movie Bastian is such a sweet and cute kid. Bastian is a young boy who's life is grim when he is constantly bullied at school, but he finds comfort in reading. When he is stuck in the library during a thunder and lightning storm he finds The NeverEnding Story. The book takes him on a magical journey where he finds out that its up to him to save the people of Fantasia along with his friends Falkor, Atreyu, The Childlike Empress, and many others. Great fantasy movie, lots of action, and lots of heart. It is absolutely impossible not to fall in love with Bastian. If you do not give your child the gift of seeing this movie, you are an uncool person.

2.) Mighty Ducks
I love this movie. I don't think this film is for everyone, especially girls, or just people who don't like hockey in general. All of my friends when I was younger were boys so I got roped into watching films like this but boy am I glad I did. These movies are actually hilarious, and so much fun, all of the characters are great and generally there's pretty good message overall. Emilio Estevez plays Gordon Bombay, a selfish, obnoxious lawyer who is forced to coach a kids hockey team after he is sentenced to do community service for drunk-driving. He himself was once an amazing hockey player before choking  on the game-winning goal of a championship game. He teaches the boys how to play hockey, and they teach him to  to not be such a douche. Together they learn how to play as a team and work together to become The Mighty Ducks.

1.) Free Willy
Above all else, this is probably the most important movie to my entire childhood. I love every single second of this movie I've seen it more times then I can possibly count, probably close to 100 times at this point. Jesse is a troubled kid who has been passed around to different foster homes for most of his life after his mother left him to live on his own, subsequently he finds himself in trouble with the law, and after vandalizing the local marina, and is forced to spend his summer fixing his mistakes and working with Willy, the killer whale. When he finds out that the owners of the marina plan to kill Willy, he and his new family, Annie and Glen, and his new friends, Rae and Randolph, risk everything to try and free him. Such a fun, and exciting movie, but also an incredibly heartwarming film. The cast includes Lori PettyJayne Atkinson, Michael Madsen, and Michael Ironside. This film definitely started my love of animals, especially in the ocean. Killer whales are truly amazing animals, and this is a truly amazing film.

Honourable Mentions: Labyrinth, Fly Away Home, Homeward Bound, Flubber, The Borrowers, Casper, The Sandlot, Angels in the Outfield, Honey I Shrunk The Kids, A Little Princess, The Secret Garden, Warriors of Virtue, Mrs. Doubtfire, The Goonies, 101 Dalmatians, Nanny McPhee, Indian in the Cupboard, Willow, Simon Birch.

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